The Soulmate Project

Originally conceived as a Big Beat-project inspired by classic producer-/DJ-icons such as Fatboy Slim and The Chemical Brothers as well as by Soul/Funk/Jazz and orchestral hit songs, Krotil starts to create his own pop-vision in his bedroom. Influenced by his studies and the music culture in London he decides to participate in international remix competitions in spring of 2014. During times where DJs are being regarded as the new stars on the pop-horizon, Krotil is able to draw attention and within only half a year, winning several competitions, prizes and releases of his tracks including works for Jennifer Hudson, Kongos, AJR, Magic Man, Umphrey’s McGee, Late Guest At The Party & Iamsu. He is demonstrating his stylistic range not to mention the productivity and quality of doing 25 tracks in only six months.

The journey is the destination: SMP’s remixes are a virtuous and cutting-edge ride through pop history and culture, taking to the road retro sounds and modern and electronic production standards. The devil is in the detail: While sounding conventional and radio-friendly, the songs are packed with musical references and fond details that nowadays seem to go missing. Soul, Funk & Rock serve only as starting point: atmospheric strings, piano and brass arrangements ease the electronic dance and sound production from time to time. The listener sees several established names popping up in front of his inner eye: No matter if it is the mentioned producer-DJs or classics such as the Beatles, Queen, Kool & The Gang and ABBA or contemporary heroes such as Daft Punk, Skrillex, David Guetta or Parov Stellar: They all belong to the “Soulmate”-reservoir of his musical journey.