As Promandor he devotes himself to music for film, dance, theatre and commercials, switching between conventionalism such as classical orchestration on the one hand, and experimental electronic sonic art on the other hand. Within only half a year he has received critical acclaim for remixing pop music tracks carrying his unique thumbprint into being the The Soulmate Project. Besides, his love and passion for cinematic and epic sounds, pulsating EDM and screaming guitar sounds defines PARODOXUS, which is highly influenced by contemporary Hollywood trailer music.

As a matter of fact, Krotil is writing and collaborating with other artists and supports up-and- coming singers and songwriters to help them develop a specific trademark sound. His stylistic range enables him to reflect trends and styles, so does his academic background: He has acquired a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies and Musicology (Mainz) and a Master of Music in Production of Popular Music (London).